How do I share my medical records?

How do I share my medical records?


There are 3 options to share your medical records. In the registry, we will give instructions.  It is important to track the care you've received over time and across different doctors. Medical records contain your health status and medical history, ideally in an electronic format (called Electronic Health Records or EHR) to make it easier for your entire healthcare team to access the information. This results in more coordinated care, helping to improve your treatment and overall health.               

  1. Upload PDFs. You can upload PDFs (or scans) of any medical records, such as clinical notes, imaging, genetic results, and/or testing reports. Records are stored on a secure database, and will be available to you at any time by logging into your profile
  2. Receive your electronic health records (EHR) via application programming interfaces (APIs). You may be able to connect your on-line patient portal from your care provider, hospital, or other repository of electronic health information directly to the 8p registry
  3. With your consent, the 8p registry can also receive medical records from your providers.  If you do not have direct access to your medical records, you may complete our Medical Release Form authorizing Project 8p Registry Administration to request medical records on your behalf. This authorization expires annually, so if we would like to request additional records beyond the release form's expiration date, we will contact you to sign a new form. Medical records we obtain from your healthcare providers will be electronically scanned and stored in our HIPPA-compliant cloud storage account. A selection of records may be uploaded to your 8p registry profile, offering you direct access to these records at anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.